7 things I learned watching Gossip Girl

Gossip girl is probably one of the most popular teen series in the world! You may not have watched all the episodes, but I’m sure you know something about the plot itself, as well as the main characters. I can freely say that this is one of the best series ever! The characters are also more than great! The plot of the series is such that you will never be bored watching it. Something is constantly happening, new characters are constantly appearing and the lives of the main ones are getting more complicated.

  1. Never give up on your desires, dreams, goals! Although she was ridiculed and humiliated many times in the moments when she was supposed to show herself in the best light, Blair never gave up. On the contrary – she tried to correct the mistake and to retaliate in the same way to those who brought her into an unpleasant situation. Thanks to that, she came out of everything as a winner!
  2. Be persistent! Although it was obvious that Blair would not be able to enroll in Yale, she did not give up until the last moment. Although she did not leave the impression she wanted in college, she tried in every way to attract new people, to show herself in the best light and to show others how important and special she is. She was adorned with exceptional perseverance and because of that she almost always succeeded in everything she wanted.
  1. Never trust anyone 100%! In each episode, from the first to the last, someone remains betrayed and cheated. Often by people he considered very, very close. It’s okay to believe, but never completely. Even those you trust infinitely can let you down and hurt you.
  2. Fight for the person you care about! Chuck and Blair did their best around each other. In the beginning, she was around him, later he was around her, and then on both sides … Although many times it seemed as if they would never connect and overcome the problems that separate them, they read each other’s thoughts, did services, helped, were there to they listen to each other … In the end, of course, they got their happy ending.
  1. Wealthy families only seem harmonious at first glance! Each of the families in the series seems wonderful at first glance, but in the house of each of them, various things happen that torment them, persecute them, that affect their lives and their future. It’s nice to have a lot of money, but a lot of money often leads to family discord.
  2. Self-confidence is the key to success! Although it seems conceited at first glance, Blair is one of the most fascinating characters for me! She exudes confidence! She is aware of her appearance and her intelligence and knows what impression she leaves on people. I think every teenager would like to be like her. Well, at least for some things.
  3. Forgive and give people new chances. Just imagine, how many times could Blair and Serena have quarreled and stopped talking forever? However, they reconciled and forgave each other many times, because they cared about the friendship and relationship they had for years. That is why it is important to forgive and give people a second chance, even if at first glance it seems that they did not deserve it.

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how I learned English | simplyAdda

As you may know, English isn’t my first language, but somehow I managed to learn English. I know there are a lot of people who want to learn English but don’t have excessive motivation or love for the language, but that wasn’t the case with me. Ever since I was little, I have always been attracted to and interested in foreign languages, so even at the age of 5-6 I pretended to speak English with my friends, but we were actually just banging unrelated words. When we started first grade and I met English for the first time, everything was very interesting to me, and I was always happy to learn it and do my homework from it as soon as I got home. And while I still didn’t even know how to read, I watched children’s movies in English on TV, pretending to understand them and trying to memorize as many words as possible.

A lot of people decide to go to private English classes, even a lot of kids from my school, but somehow I’ve always been self-taught about it. Somewhere in fourth grade I discovered Disney series that were popular at the time, like Good Luck Charlie, Shake It Up or Zack & Cody , and although I watched them with a translation I learned a lot of words and expressions and then fell in love with the language more and more. And I remember in the fifth grade I discovered the charms of youtube and youtubers like Beth, Eva and Mere, so all that energy and variety from their videos attracted me to watch them even though I didn’t half understand. However, listening to YouTubers every day, watching those series, I learned and remembered a lot. I think that if you constantly watch some content in English, no matter if it is movies, series or videos on YouTube, you will really learn new words and expressions the easiest way.

My English isn’t the best, but currently I know a lot of words, I learned a lot of grammar, and I try to improve my English on a daily level. So, if you find some mistake in my writting, please tell me in the comments, and I’ll try to not repeat that mistake.

Reasons why everyone should learn English:
1. You will be able to communicate with people in any country very easily, because English is spoken everywhere.
2. Not all books or movies are translated into our language, so with the knowledge of English you will not have to limit yourself.
3. The language is very easy to learn and does not require much time.

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get to know me | simplyAdda

Hello people! Welcome to my blog and my first post on this blog! First of all, I want to thank you for visiting my blog and for reading this. If you like this post and my blog, don’t forget to follow me here and on Instagram (@simplyaddablog), and comment on what do you think about my blog.

For my first post, I decided to let you know me a little bit. My name is Adda and I’ll be sixteen in less than a month. I love writing and reading, so I think that this blog will be the perfect place for me to share my thoughts…

I had three blogs before this one. The first blog was a school project and I had it in 2015 (i was 10 years old?!). The second one was made in 2017 and it was pretty successful. I had it for almost two years, and I was making money with that blog. I didn’t make that much but still, better something than nothing. I deleted it at the start of 2019 because of personal reasons. The first two blogs were in my first language. The third blog was made in June 2020, and I had it for a few weeks and I stopped posting. The thing is that I had the best summer ever (didn’t think that I’ll ever say this, but that was thanks to Covid 19). I tried to take a break from social media, and I “forgot” about my blog. In September I was thinking about starting my blog again, but I didn’t do anything until now. I made a new blog with my name on it. And here we are now…

My goals in life are to have a good education (I want to be a doctor) and to write something in my life (book), and I think that this blog is good to start. On this blog, I’ll mainly write lifestyle posts, posts about self-care, productivity, mental health, and more. I think that I’ll publish posts twice a week, but I’ll be more active on my Instagram (here) so make sure to follow me there for daily updates.

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P.S. English isn’t my main language so sorry if I had mistakes in writing.

xoxo, simplyAdda